I have added Transpecial by Jennifer R. Povey to my summer reading list and will be sharing my thoughts on the novel here once I have finished it. However, the topic of the book is interesting enough that I wanted to share it up front. Quoted from its site description (link below):

First Contact. With aliens so strange and predatory that humans could only react with revulsion and primal rage. And so, humanity fired first. Now, the ky’iin are raiding the solar system. The potential key to mankind’s salvation? An unlikely pair of diplomats. One, a brilliant young linguist from Mars with a profound social disorder. Through her autism, she sees the beauty within the ky’iin. The other, a ky’iin negotiator who looks beyond humanity’s violent actions to the potential within.  Can they serve as the bridge to unite the two species and stop the Contact War? Or will war-mongering saboteurs destroy them before they can act?

As I am familiar with the author’s work, I am quite curious to see how this thought-provoking take on a genre that I have long enjoyed will unfold. The book may be purchased at musapublishing.com.